About Us

Our Mission

Angels of Hippocrates exists to help providers improve both personal and workplace wellness. Our mission is to improve provider wellness and self-care by:

  • Raising awareness and educating providers on underlying causes of burnout, depression, substance abuse, and suicide
  • Providing educational programs to help providers develop plans for self-care and workplace change
  • Performing research into causes and solutions for the current physician burnout crisis

Needs Assessment

Burnout and depression are common among healthcare providers.  The Medscape 2018 Physician Burnout Survey found that 42% of physicians are experiencing symptoms of burnout, that 12% are "colloquially depressed," and that 3% are "clinically depressed."  Physicians reported that this is affecting their relationships with patients, their interactions with colleagues, and may be contributing to medical error.  Physicians identified individual and workplace stressors both as causes of their burnout.

Learning Needs

  • Identify stress-related illnesses prevalent in the healthcare setting
  • Measure stress and burnout using  objective tools, such as stress and burnout assessment scales for self-assessment
  • Identify warning signs of stress-related illness in oneself and colleagues
  • Develop plans for personal wellness and workplace change.

Our goal is to help providers identify, recognize and overcome stress-related illness by developing individual and workplace-targeted solutions.

Board of Directors: Angels of Hippocrates

Rick Johnson


Rick is the Executive Director of Angels of Hippocrates and is the inspiration and driving force behind Happy Doc Summer Camp. Rick has 20+ years experience working in the nonprofit industry and has organized large summer camp events for adults in his spare time for the past 20 years as well. After seeing a dire need to help medical professionals cope with stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and suicidal thoughts, etc., Rick was inspired to offer his expertise of organizing summer camp events to healthcare providers and arranging professional programming by skilled medical professionals to the attendees of Happy Doc Summer Camp in a fun, recreational environment. Rick desires to select qualified healthcare providers that will bring their successful programs to Happy Doc Summer Camp and created Angels of Hippocrates for that very reason.   

Larry DeLuca EdD MD


Larry is the Medical Director for Angels of Hippocrates and Happy Doc Summer Camp. He is a board certified Emergency physician and critical care intensivist in Tucson, Arizona. Larry is instrumental in sourcing skilled healthcare providers who believe in our important mission of bringing the hope of healing, support, and resources to our attendees through  our professional program at Happy Doc Summer Camp's four day retreat. 

Kristi Grall MD MPHE


Kristi is an Assistant Program Director for the Regions Hospital / HealthPartners Institute Emergency Medicine Residency Program, and Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at the University of Minnesota Department of Emergency Medicine. Upon graduating from her emergency medicine residency she completed an Education Fellowship and holds a Master of Health Professions Education degree.  She is interested in Curriculum Development and Assessment methods, and has created and researched multiple curricular methods based on various learning theories for resident education. Currently she is interested in developing curricula for physician wellness.  In her spare time she is a long distance runner and triathlete. 

Robert Lam, MD


 Robert is the Director of Medical Education for the Emergency Department at Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs and a Clinical Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine in the Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. He has a passion for Physician Resilience and Well-Being. He currently serves as Chairman for the AAEM Wellness and Burnout Prevention Committee as well as a representative for the Emergency Medicine Wellness Summit working group.

Happy Doc Summer Camp


Remember the days at summer camp when you left your cares behind, hopped on a bus and had the time of your life with other campers, exploring your youth, trying new things and had a blast doing so? Let your inner child play and be rejuvenated by the abundance of laughter, fun, and camaraderie with your peers. 

There are no demands at Happy Doc Summer Camp. You are not obligated to attend any activity.  You are free to create your own schedule.

Howard Gordon


Howard, General Manager of Pocono Valley, is no stranger to summer camps. Having been around them for over 50 years, Howard has been managing Pocono Valley for the past 34 years. From special interest groups (SIGs) to corporate conventions, church groups, and more, Howard and his team at Pocono Valley have been serving the community by inviting groups to escape the world for just a few hours, days, or even weeks at their premier summer camp. Howard says, "our guests are more than just clients, they're family" and he looks forward to meeting, serving, and interacting with our guests and staff year after year. Pocono Valley is co-managed with Howard by his feisty little shih tzu, Riley. You'll appreciate the reminder as you leave camp, "There are no strangers here, only friends you have not met",  and your experience at Pocono Valley will remain forever ingrained in your memory for years to come.