Docs in the Wild


June 25-28, 2020 at Glacier Rock Wellness Ranch, Randle WA

Happy Doc Summer Camp is teaming up with Glacier Rock Wellness Ranch to offer our cutting-edge physician personal and workplace wellness continuing medical education (CME) program at the base of Mount Rainier! Why doze off to boring lectures in dark, too-warm conference room when you can enjoy dynamic speakers in an open-air setting. Do as much or as little as you want - nothing is required.

According to the Medscape 2018 Physician Burnout Survey, over 51% of physicians report burnout, leading to depression, problems with colleagues, difficulties with patients, and even increased risk of suicide.  Happy Doc's innovative curriculum looks not only at the causes of burnout and depression, but focuses on pragmatic changes that can improve your workplace and professional life.

In addition to our CME program there will be morning yoga, breakfast, a barbecue, and of course campfire stories!  Come join us for continuing education, the best wellness retreat ever, and great fun in the great outdoors!

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Glacier Rock Wellness Ranch

Mission Statement

Glacier Rock Wellness Ranch is a destination for physicians to join together to share the JOYS and CHALLENGES of practicing medicine.  We will support and encourage one another for healing, education, and inspiration.  It will be a place to PLAY, to laugh, to relax, and to challenge one another to find creative solutions in today's healthcare climate.  We will leave behind the stresses of everyday life to hike through the woods, site by the glacier fed creek and river, share stories around a bonfire and so much more so that we have times and space to reflect on who we are and why we decided to dedicate our lives to practicing medicine in the first place.


Happy Doc Summer Camp

Personal and Workplace Wellness CME

Happy Doc Summer Camp provides personal and workplace wellness programs.  While mindfulness and other personal wellness disciplines ground us and allow us to endure short-term stress, we strongly believe that preventing burnout means changing the workplace, too.

Our CME programs are action-oriented.  We discuss causes of burnout, and strategies for change to improve your personal and work life.